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              Admission Procedure

1. General Information

Admission to first year

Entrance examination will be taken for the admission in first year for all Bachelor and Diploma courses. Lateral entry admission to the Bachelor programme for diploma holders at the 2nd year level will be made through Lateral Entry entrance test to be conducted by the Institute.

Admission to N.R.I. Candidates

The eligible NRI candidates may get direct admission on reserved seats. The admission to NRI candidates will be given on first come first serve basis.

2. Important Instruction

Candidates are advised to read instruction very carefully. The Institute, reserves the right to change the rules and regulation without any notice.

All the provision given in this prospectus shall be binding and acceptance to the students and their parents/guardians. Any change made from time to time in the rules, regulations and fees of the Institute shall mutatis mutandis apply to the admitted candidates.

The application form, complete in all respects, should be submitted to Office Superintendent, Admission Committee.

Candidates in respect of whom the result of the qualifying examination has not been declared by the last date of admission in Institute due to any reason whatsoever (incomplete or withheld result or supplementary examination etc.), shall not be eligible for admission under any circumstances.

Candidates are required to produce 3 photographs (passport size), SLC, and origin copy of all academic certificates.

Candidates should bring the previous receipts at the time of paying next installment, filling form, for certificate issue, etc.)

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